About Us

Hyhohotels is a 100% Irish owned supplier of Worldwide accommodation with a unique difference, we give back to your community.Our name HYHO stems from the phrase Helping You Help Others and we have set up with this in mind to support sports clubs , schools , hospitals ,Charity's, tenants associations in fact any organisation who needs fundraising and we have the easiest , cost effective way of raising funds.

Each and every time someone books a hote l(over 300,00 worldwide , including Ireland) on our site www.hyhohotels.com , when they get to the payment page there is a box asking which organisation they wish to support. When the booker puts his or her club, school or organisation in this box, 5% of the total is paid immediately to the chosen organisation.

Simple , easy and a great way for you to help out if you are the booker while the brilliant rates on offer will also save you money .

If you are a club , hospital , charity or any organisation , have an unlimited amount paid to your organisation by letting your supporters know.Hyhohotels offers a huge range or hotels, apartments and even villas by major worldwide hotel chains right down to independent hotels. The company offers a one­stop shopping source for hotel pricing, amenities and availability and also specialises in providing travellers with accommodation during sold­out periods. 

In addition to our network of over 300,000 hotels and apartments worldwide we will shortly be offering car hire and transfer services at greatly reduced cost.If you wish to find out further information about our company please contact us.

Hyho - Helping You Help Others


Peace of Mind - Your Money is Secure with Hyho

Unlike other booking sites and travel agents we do not hold your well earned money on our account

Most booking sites and travel agents take your money up front and pay the supplier / hotel on or after your date of travel

This leaves the possibility of the booking site / agent becoming insolvent and spending client money in advance of your travel

How are we different?

Hyho Hotels, part of the ARK Travel Group has designed a very unique admin free travel system that automatically pays the suppliers / hotels on a weekly basis. So every booking made on our site between a Monday and a Sunday of any given week is settled to the suppliers / hotels the following Friday

This settlement is done automatically when the online payments are settled to our account

So essentially - When you book with Hyho Hotels (even months in advance) you have the peace of mind that your booking has been paid to the suppliers / hotels immediately and is not "resting in our account".

Hyho Hotels - Easy as 1 2 3